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Software Development Process

REGS Consulting Software Development Process - Software Solutions Consulting, Software Applications Development and Maintenance, Outsourcing, Office 365, Custom Business Solutions. Toronto, Ontario

Our Software Development Process
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REGS Consulting brings many years of experience in applying technology to business needs and software solutions development. Our methodology is based on time tested industry recognized best practices found in Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and is geared towards flexibility and repeatable results. Our process is customizable to every project to better accommodate client needs.

Major project phases are summarized below to facilitate common understanding of our process. As every software project is unique in its own environment, this approach helps align on varying dimensions of people, technology, and applications.


Discovery phase addresses one of the most fundamental requirements for project success: the creation of a common vision. During discovery, the solution concept emerges, and is understood by all team members. High level project requirements and constraints are identified, preliminary scope, timeline, and estimate are defined.


Definition phase is where the bulk of planning and solution architecture takes place. During this phase solution requirements and usage are analyzed in detail; technical architecture is defined; work plans, cost estimates and schedules are developed. High risk technology assumptions are validated, and the solution is designed in technical detail.


Development phase is focused on building the solution components, code and documentation. When all features are complete the solution functionality is stabilized and exercised under realistic usage scenarios. Extreme conditions are also tested depending on the need, such as load or negative testing. User acceptance is obtained and the solution can be moved to a pilot group. Depending on the need, development can be split into a number of iterations with end user validation.


Delivery phase is concerned with deploying the solution in the final environment and transitioning to regular operations and support groups. Operating procedures are finalized, the project is reviewed, all project documents are archived and delivered. Final customer approval is obtained and the project is closed.

Developing quality software solutions in an efficient, optimal project structure is one of our top priorities. Contact us to find out more about our agile software development methodology, and to discuss your project needs.