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Sample Projects

REGS Consulting Projects - Software Solutions Consulting, Software Applications Development and Maintenance, Outsourcing, Office 365, Custom Business Solutions. Toronto, Ontario
Here you can find a brief description about some of the projects we have completed.

Internal Business Applications

Web applications running in private cloud, enabling our clients to automate resource intensive tasks, manage day to day business data, internal and external activities, and report on business performance

Booking Systems

Web applications to manage reservations, resource calendars, and organize related business activities including core business processes, staff, payroll, management of customers, marketing.

Event Management Web Service

This web application allows organizations to create and manage specialized events, enter data, calculate outcomes, and perform tasks such as registration, account management, payments, view scorecards.

Information Portal

Developed B2B web information portal, allowing clients to collaborate, organize projects, access documents, and visualize aggregated data and reports. Integrates with data providers using XML web services. Delivered as an online service.

Business Intelligence Engine

Developed a business intelligence engine incorporating proprietary algorithms and data processors. This complex product features universal, metadata based query module against various relational and multi-dimensional data sources, a calculation module, configurable data analysis and aggregation module, and drilling hierarchical data. Exposed to client applications via public APIs.

Business Intelligence Web Application

This application integrated into an enterprise portal delivers intelligence data, tabular, charts and text reports, dashboards and scorecards over the web.

Mobile Front-End

Developed application front ends enabling users to access bank and trading accounts, and perform transactions from mobile devices. Applications also provide access to varied content, mutual funds, stock quotes, news, and personal alerts.

Technology Migrations

Re-engineered software systems, upgraded large applications to .NET technologies, simplified application architecture, improved performance and integration capabilities, reduced maintenance costs.

Customer Relationship Management

This client/server application is a full feature customer relationship management and sales automation system, allowing sales representatives to manage customer and sales data, and synchronize offline data with corporate database.

Data Mining and Reporting

This desktop application queries and analyzes relational and multi-dimensional data sources, applies algorithms, prepares and presents standard and ad-hoc reports.

Automotive Showroom

This client/server application manages inventory of parts and cars for automotive dealers, organizes customer and sales data.

Inventory Application

Developed a complete client/server inventory management system for wholesalers.

Point of Sale Application

This client/server product allows entering of transactions at retail stores and integrates with backend systems.

Accounting Application

This desktop product allows accountants to enter accounting records for any number of companies, provides reports and prepares financial statements.

Application Maintenance

Performed maintenance of various web, client/server and desktop applications, including defect fixes and supporting application evolution with new features and integrations.

Application Web Services

Exposed legacy applications functionality and data to external systems using XML web services.

Data Warehousing

Created and optimized data warehouses using star and snowflake schemas.

Software Performance Improvement

Analyzed application bottlenecks, optimized applications to exhibit dramatic performance improvement under large user loads.

Mobile Apps

Developed mobile/embedded applications for Blackberry, Nokia, Ericsson phones. These applications work with user's contacts, calendar, incoming calls, phone's camera, store and process images