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Software Maintenance Outsourcing

REGS Consulting Software Applications Development and Maintenance Outsourcing Services. Toronto, Ontario.

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Is software maintenance too costly or too complex for your organization?

About software maintenance

After the initial development and go live, software systems enter their maintenance lifecycle. Maintenance includes error corrections, enhancements of capabilities, optimizations. Maintenance is necessary to correct and adjust systems to inevitable changes. The goal of software maintenance is to preserve or enhance the value of software systems over time. Maintenance ends when the product is retired, can span 10 or 20 years, or even more.

Software maintenance process differs from software development process, requiring activities not present in software development, such as Modification Requests, Impact Analysis, Upgrades. Software maintenance presents specific technical issues, including troubleshooting, target impact modifications, re-testing. It has specific management issues, for example aligning with organization objectives, staffing and knowledge continuity. Maintenance consumes majority of software lifecycle financial resources, costs are directly impacted by quality of design and knowledge continuity.

About hybrid model

Many companies are looking at maintaining software offshore to cut costs and use a larger resource pool for finding talent. While promising, so many times the experience becomes frustrating. Offshore software development proves to be more complex than many anticipate. Without proper discipline, experience, methodologies and tools, many offshore software projects do not realize their promise or fail to complete successfully.

At REGS Consulting we have extensive experience in software engineering, and to perform quality software design, development and maintenance. Our approach to offshore development is using the hybrid model. The hybrid model has established itself as the most popular and successful among software outsourcing models that have emerged so far.

In the hybrid model, the client works with us onsite, benefiting from direct communication and close relationships. Together we finalize the solution, estimates and project plans. Then we enable seamless transition of project activities to offshore location without compromising the quality and control for client management. During project execution, the client has full access to project status, issues, and work items.

How we can help

We can help you develop quality software products and services, and perform effective software maintenance cycles while realizing cost savings. Some of the benefits our software outsourcing service can offer include:

  • Use our extensive experience in software design, development, and project management
  • Direct, open communication, you work with us in close proximity
  • Seamless transition of project activities to offshore location
  • Efficient resource management, we have the ability to utilize resources on site, offsite, or offshore, as best fit the current skills and workload
  • Flexibility in resizing and scaling the project team
  • Increased agility, faster response to changes in scope and requirements
  • Cost savings from majority of work performed in low cost locations
  • Lower investment in infrastructure, office space, equipment, expertise, and software licensing

Contact us today to see how our service can work in your advantage.