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About Us

REGS Consulting - Software Solutions Consulting, Software Applications Development and Maintenance, Outsourcing, Office 365, Custom Business Solutions. Toronto, Ontario

REGS Consulting is a Microsoft partner
for software development and
cloud solutions.

REGS Consulting is a software developer and technology solutions provider with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. We have extensive experience in applying technology to business needs and solutions development, to design and implement quality software products, services and systems. We are dedicated to assist our clients maximize their potential, promote innovation and integrate in digital economy.

We specialize in internet and cloud solutions to meet today’s business needs, supporting your needs to

  • Develop new, innovative products
  • Develop internet services, or move your existing services to the internet
  • Organize and discover information, simplify access to information
  • Improve your day to day productivity through better communication, collaboration and information management
  • Move your business technology to the cloud

The scope of our engagements ranges from brief assessments to multiyear implementation projects. Our software service offering is built on a successful track record of delivering innovative and upbeat quality solutions in complex software systems development. Our cloud solutions are based on powerful and integrated technology stack that delivers many capabilities out of the box. These capabilities are then used to compose customized applications that address specific client needs and create unique advantages.

This breed of solutions is built incrementally in an agile manner, involving our clients in all phases of each project to ensure that the solution implemented best addresses their needs. Client satisfaction and quality are of great importance to us, as we strive to deliver value early and with lower entry cost.

REGS Consulting Inc. is a privately held Canadian company founded in 2001. It is easy to engage REGS Consulting in your projects. Our full service capabilities can take your initiatives from concept through deployment. Or we can work with you on specific assignments to complement your existing expertise. Contact us today to get started.