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Cloud Solutions

REGS Consulting Cloud Services - Develop Internet Business Applications, Deploy and Customize Office 365. Toronto, Ontario.

Access applications and data from anywhere
Easier to share information
Faster information processing
Lower infrastructure requirements
Lower capital costs
Streamlined systems maintenance
Up to date software
Leverage cloud technology to improve your business
Join the revolution

Cloud popularity has grown dramatically during recent years. We have used cloud applications such as Facebook or Twitter, Hotmail or Gmail, and many businesses are embracing the cloud for day to day operations. Economies of scale in large datacenters, ubiquitous availability of high-capacity networks and lower hardware costs are driving the cloud accessibility, reliability and adoption. At the same time, the cloud automates and streamlines many maintenance tasks, providing increased agility to end users.

Cloud computing is a way to increase capacity on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training personnel, or licensing software. Paired with increased sophistication in existing systems and demanding user needs, cloud solutions offer a way to expand capabilities economically, in real time, over the Internet. Examples of popular cloud applications include business email, web conferencing, team collaboration, file sharing, office productivity tools.

Common scenarios for adopting cloud technology

  • I need IT but cannot or do not want to build the infrastructure required
  • My on premise technology is old, the upgrades are complex or costly
  • I want to share information and collaborate easier, without the need for VPN

Whether you need to develop and run specialized business applications in the cloud, or want to improve your communications, collaboration and document management capabilities, REGS Consulting can help your organization leverage cloud technologies to improve operations and create new opportunities.

Private Cloud Solutions

Development, integration and maintenance of specialized business applications hosted in public or private cloud infrastructures. Read more about our software development services.

Microsoft Office 365

REGS Consulting is a Microsoft cloud partner and reseller for Office 365. We can help your organization deploy Office 365 and perform customizations to better fit your needs. Read more about Office 365

Concerned about information security and control in the cloud? You are not alone. Information security and control is a top concern for many businesses moving applications to the cloud. Our cloud solutions have strong privacy and security policies. Talk to us about your cloud needs and requirements.