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Software Re-Engineering

REGS Consulting Software Maintenance and Re-Engineering Services. Toronto, Ontario.

Modernize solutions
Improve architecture
Increase capabilities
Create opportunities
Lower maintenance
Migrate to .Net and Internet
.NET Framework
SQL Server
Office 365
Re-designing and migrating software to modern technology

Many companies have legacy systems in their IT environments. Due to rapid evolution in technology and a shift in business models and interactions, older applications become outdated in terms of infrastructure and functionality. Legacy applications impose constraints on business activities, opportunities, and become more expensive to operate and maintain.

Software re-engineering addresses these issues by re-designing legacy applications or application modules to conform to the changed requirements and technology. Software re-engineering protects the investment in legacy applications by reusing what already exists as much as possible, while re-designing most critical components. In time, legacy applications can be completely re-implemented while they are still in use. Re-engineering applications offers service continuity and has lower risk.

Benefits resulting from software re-engineering can include:

  • Increase technology capabilities, drive business growth and obtain a competitive advantage
  • Improved solutions in business integration, process automation and optimization
  • Innovate products and services, increase efficiencies
  • Reduce time to market, complexities and costs
  • Increase capacity and performance

REGS Consulting has extensive expertise migrating software applications to modern technologies, and incrementally adapting applications to changed requirements. We have re-engineered software moving products from desktop to client-server and to the Internet, while improving software qualities. We can help you reduce software maintenance, move applications to the Internet, migrate to .NET and cloud technology.