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Integrating applications, processes, and people

Most companies use a mixture of software systems in their operations. Accumulated over time and from different sources, these systems often don’t communicate with one another or with the systems used by business partners. Cloud applications add to the mix of integration challenges, despite their advantages in fast deployment and lower run cost.

Legacy software, different lines of business systems, cloud applications, are run disconnected by many organizations. This lack of integration results in inefficiencies, delay and segmentation in business workflows, incomplete or fragmented business information.

Enabling communication and collaboration between isolated software systems can increase efficiency and reliability, streamline processes, and create a competitive advantage. Integrating applications is a growing trend in creating composite, distributed software solutions that leverage deployments, capabilities and expertise without large investments. Other benefits can include:

  • Create or integrate new solutions more efficiently, at lower cost
  • Automate business processes, reduce the number of steps that require manual intervention
  • Exchange information and conduct transactional activities with business partners
  • Share data or processes, extend capabilities
  • Obtain a unified view of the business, global sharing and reporting of information
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Increase capacity

REGS Consulting provides software integration solutions using open industry standards or proprietary technologies. We have performed data integrations, API integrations, and web services integrations. We can help you enable communication and collaboration with your partners and between employees, streamline processes and discover new efficiencies.

Having questions about integrating software in your environment? Contact us to find out how we can address your needs.