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Custom Software Development

REGS Consulting Software Development Services - Custom Software Applications Development and Maintenance, Software Re-Engineering, Development Outsourcing. Toronto, Ontario

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Developing custom software applications for your business

While more and more software solutions are readily available on the market, companies often find that off-the-shelf products do not meet all their business requirements. Chances are that the best candidate does not provide all desired functionality, does not offer enough built-in flexibility or does not operate as the business requires. Adjusting off-the-shelf products may not be possible, or can be very costly or result in added complexity.

Custom software solutions address unique business needs such as specific processing and proprietary workflows. Custom solutions are based on specific business requirements, planned usage and evolution. They are created with defined operation flexibility, reusability, ease of use, and to integrate in existing IT environment. Custom solutions are built towards organization objectives and policies.

REGS Consulting develops innovative, market leading custom software solutions using modern technologies. We have extensive expertise developing Internet software and database applications, as well as mobile, desktop and client-server solutions. Our implementation can accommodate in sourced, out sourced or mixed development models, enabling you to make the best use of your resources and budget.

Our Capabilities
  • Enterprise grade as well as small scale software applications development
  • Internet, database, desktop and mobile software applications
  • Modern technology
  • Quality software development tools
  • Reliable software development processes
  • Broad technology expertise
  • Flexibility adapting to your environment and needs
Your Advantage
  • Develop quality software cost effectively
  • Develop innovative products, internet services, custom business applications and tools
  • Reduce complexities, discover new efficiencies
  • Gain a competitive edge over competition
  • Address unique business needs
  • Eliminate gaps in functionality found in commercial applications
  • Work with a Microsoft partner
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