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Software Project Management

REGS Consulting Interim and Part Time Software Project Management Services. Toronto, Ontario.

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Proactive Approach
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Distributed Teams
Helping you manage all technical aspects of your software projects

Managing a project, large or small, in today's business world can be extremely difficult, given all the critical success factors that must be considered. Projects span across boundaries such as people and organizations, budgets, scope, time, and technology. Having a common understanding and agreement of the vision, scope, deliverables and acceptance criteria across project teams and stakeholders is critical to project success. Creating realistic project plans, effectively administering and controlling project execution, resolving issues before they affect the project, is critical to having projects complete on time and within budget. Ensuring that the right technology is implemented and required quality is achieved is critical for products or services developed to have satisfied users and function efficiently.

REGS Consulting provides interim and part time software project management services. We have managed large, highly visible enterprise projects, and small implementations alike. Our project management approach is based on many years of experience with software projects. We use a proven and flexible project management methodology based on Solutions Framework (MSF) created by Microsoft, and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) created by PMI. We customize the set of guidelines and procedures for each project to adapt to unique project characteristics and environment, and to create an optimum project structure. Our blend of technology knowledge and experience managing software projects results in very cost effective and quality implementations.

We work with our clients in defining the best approach for the current project; approve the project plans, milestones and deliverables, incrementally validate the results, and provide accurate reports and open communications. We can service all of your project management activities, or provide advice and assistance in specific areas:


  • Scope Definition. Define the boundaries and scale of the project, ensure that project stakeholders, team members and management understand what can be accomplished within a given timeframe and budget
  • Work Breakdown Structure. Break down the scope of work, structure and decompose project deliverables into components
  • Activity Definition and Sequencing. Establish activities necessary to complete project deliverables, identify dependencies
  • Resource estimations. Determine the resources needed to complete project activities
  • Duration and Cost Estimates. Estimate the amount of time required to complete project activities, determine the resource costs of the project
  • Schedule Development. Create the project schedule, allocate time for project activities, apply time and budget limitations


  • Build Project Team. Acquire and motivate team members, assign tasks and responsibilities
  • Manage Project Execution. Coordinate resources, activities, and remote teams to efficiently complete project objectives
  • Monitor Progress. Collect and analyze project status, work performance information, provide reports and forecasts to project stakeholders
  • Scope, Schedule, and Cost Controls. Identify scope changes, estimate impact on schedule and cost, integrate changes into the project


  • Knowledge Transfer. Ensure that proper knowledge transfer to maintenance and operations teams takes place
  • User Acceptance. Obtain acceptance for the final product, organize user reviews and acceptance testing
  • Final Project Documentation. Document final status, organize and provide the repository with all project information