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Software Architecture Design

REGS Consulting Software Solutions Design and Architecture Services. Toronto Ontario.

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Helping you define the strategic design that meets your business goals

When implementing software systems or integrating existing systems, the software architecture you put in place is critical to effectively achieving the business needs, to proper functioning of the result product, and to the total cost of ownership you will incur over time. Software design and architecture affects applicability and various qualities of the final product, such as security, performance and usability, how easy you can test, maintain, integrate, scale and extend, also resilience to faults, ease of understanding and support.

REGS Consulting can help you create software architectures that ensure the best compromise between quality and costs, faster implementation and lower total cost of ownership. We can also assess your tools and development processes and help you get the best developer productivity, increase visibility into your project status, and improve predictability of your software development efforts.

Here are some of the benefits our service can bring:

  • Obtain value earlier by applying agile and iterative principles.
  • Achieve faster implementations and lower total cost of ownership by embedding flexibility, externalize rules, and creating the structures that fit your business model.
  • Realize performance and stability by adopting proven technology.
  • Attain quality and improved time-to-market by using enterprise tools, industry recognized best practices and methodologies.

We have produced software architectures for Internet, client-server, desktop and mobile applications. Our flexibility in scaling the methods we employ can accommodate a wide range of requirements and project budgets. Whether you need to bridge the business requirements and technology, create new software architectures or validate an existing architecture, you can rely on our expertise.

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